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Welcome to iDigiCare! Digital touchless solutions made simple


Get complete control over your business with a competitive edge over competitors. Guaranteed speed, reliability and accurate processing with increased overall efficiency. It is sure to enormously increase customers and overall sales. Point of Sale systems can ensure better record keeping, efficient transaction processing, effective use of information and can save money and cost.

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Kiosks that are cost effective and easy to use enhance and improve customer experience. Capture the increased accuracy, faster transaction, decreased labor costs and overall increased customer spending. With our expert understanding on complexities of hardware, software and connectivity, we have the ideal value add-ons including key injection, custom configuration, 3PL and much more to assist you in finding the right solution. 

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Digital Signage solutions that are dynamic and captivating. Tailor to ensure your messaging is crystal clear. Stylish and reliable interactive displays from 32” to 70” that engage your customers. From infrared to projective capacitive, recognizing up to ten touched simultaneously. Durable touch after touch solution are built to last with powerful windows ad android-based solutions.

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Cloud Market Place / Cloud Services

Dynamic Storage Managed Cloud services intend to serve as Oracle Cloud Accelerator. DSM Cloud brings you the ultimate solutions to access, store, and manage all your workloads from one place. Our staff is highly trained and professional that can take on any task – no job is too big or small for us! We take pride in offering personalized cloud solutions for all our customers that matches their needs and budget including SaaS, IaaS and PaaS. We provide the following services under onlineway2save.com Search, Register and Transfer Web Domain Names, Cheap Web Hosting, Buy SSL Certificates, Cloud Storage and much more.

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In-a-Box is a simple way to order, procure and implement solutions when purchased. It consists of hardware, software and critical accessories needed to complete an entire solution. We can load/image the software, load any add-ons and test the solution before shipping. Our bundled solutions cover every POS hardware and software vendor on our line card. Also, creating custom bundles for your business can help to secure deals, ensure proper ordering and protect reseller margins.

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We provide industry-leading touch components and displays for a wide range of applications. Applications include retail, medical, office and transportation.

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