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a.   Visitor Management – Self Registration



  • Elo 15" Touchcomputer
  • Turbo 450 Printer
  • Voyager 9540 Scanner
  • Cherry Keyboard
  • Credential-Cam
  • Jolly Technologies
  • Lobby Track Premier 
  • Edition Software


Comprehensive Solutions for Visitor Management

Security Guard In-a-Box | Visitor Management enables your company to keep track of all visitors entering and leaving your facilities providing a more secure environment. Lobby Track software, by Jolly Technologies, helps reduce wait times by notifying the host and keeping unwanted visitors out. In addition, users have the ability to:

  • Register Visitors
  • Check in or out by swiping magnetic stripe or scanning barcode
  • Check Watch List
  • Issue Badges
  • Log Visits

This solution integrates seamlessly with pre-existing databases, providing lower entry cost and easier implementation.