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a.   Security Screening



  • MC75 Mobile Computer
  • MC75 Biometric Unit
  • MC75 Cradle
  • RW420 Printer
  • SecureGate Mobile Port Security Software

SKU: IB-POR-SS-ACB w/o printer: IB-POR-SS-A0B

Comprehensive Solutions for Security Screening

Port Authority In-a-Box | Security Screening targets ports throughout North America to improve security. This mobile solution consists of a Zebra MC75 rugged hand-held computer, MC75 biometric fingerprint reader, Zebra RW420 printer, and idSoftware's SecureGate application. Using fingerprint, PIN, and image recognition, this solution is designed to securely and accurately allow or deny access to Sea Ports and Airports.

  • Manage the registration and supervision process with optical fingerprinting
  • Identify individuals previously booked into a local, regional or state database
  • Verify visitor identity in seconds and confirm with a picture

This advanced credential validation and biometric identification solution for Port Security is available exclusively through BlueStar.